Southern California Soccer Officials Association
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Middle School & Jr. High

Rules of Competition

We assign a small number of Middle School games in the North County. Send an email to the SCSOASD Preseident if you are interested in doing these. The purpose of this competition is the enjoyment of the players. Use common sense, NFHS rules, youth rules and FIFA Laws of the Game to cover any omissions in these Rules of Competition.

Game Fees & Times

  1. Game Fee = $46 for a dual system and $69 for a single referee, subject to normal assignment fee
  2. Game Time = Two 25 minute halves.

Mandatory Substitutions

The following players must be substituted for if:

  1. A player has a head injury.
  2. A player receives a yellow card.


Substitutions for team with "throw in" possession is unlimited.

Unlimited Substitutions by either team at the following times:

  1. Before any goal kick or corner kick
  2. After a goal
  3. After an injury

Playoff Tie Breaker Rules

If a tie exists at the end of a playoff game, the game will be decided by going immediately into Penalty Kicks. A coin flip will determine choice of kicking first or second during penalty kicks. Each team will pick 5 players to kick alternating shots. At the end of the 5 kicks, the team with the most points wins. If a tie still persists, sudden-death penalty kicks will take place. The same 5 kickers must be used in the same order in overtime PK’s until a winner is decided.

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