Southern California Soccer Officials Association
San Diego

Association Membership

You will need to have completed & passed the following criteria to be eligible for games.

  1. Passed the rules test with a score of 90% or better.
  2. Pay your dues.
  3. Have a current Arbiter account linked to our association. Ask for Arbiter invite from SCSOASD Pres, Chip Zuckerman .
  4. ArbiterPay/RefPay is established and active.
  5. Profile picture of yourself uploaded on Arbiter Account.
  6. CDC concussion training completed & send certificate to SCSOASD Pres, Chip Zuckerman .
  7. Remember to click the "Ready to Referee" check box in Arbiter.

Welcome & Good luck!

Association Dues & Game Fees

Each referee pays an SCSOASD membership fee of $50 which includes insurance. These fees are also to cover administrative costs incurred by SCSOASD. Referees also prepay an amount we recommend to equal the number of games done in the previous season time $4 per game to cover the assigners fee. Paula Miller, our treasurer, has requested that you accordingly make you initial payment based on last year’s total game count. So if you had 30 games last year, the recommended payment is $170.00. That is $50.00 for dues and $120.00 in game fees (30 x $4). New members should add at least $60.00 (15 games) to your dues payment of $50 for a total of $110. Remember, your assignments stop when your deposit runs out. Referees are expected to maintain enough of an assigners fee prepay to cover the games each referee plans to do throughout the season. Assignments will be suspended if your prepaid assigner's fee runs out.

METHODS of payment:

  1. Venmo
    • To set up Venmo, just download the Venmo app and set up your profile and account information at All payments made from a bank account are free, however if using a Credit Card, transaction fees may apply. Send payment to: @Paula-Miller-68 & in the comment section please indicate HS $ and your first & last name so I can identify you. I will reply back with comment confirming receipt of payment.

  2. Mail - Checks should be made payable to "SCSOA San Diego"
    • SCSOA San Diego Treasurer

    • 6615 Soaring Dr

    • San Diego, CA 92119
  3. Meeting - Checks should be made payable to "SCSOA San Diego"

Game Assignments

Game assignments are received through Arbiter. Go to Arbiter Sports to create an account and be reeady to sign up for games. You must be an accepted member of the SCSOASD group to be able to be assigned CIF high school games. Neither the assignors nor SCSOASD President Chip Zuckerman can give you access to be able to get assigned games through Arbiter. Only Paula Miller can link your Arbiter account to our SCSOASD account. Note to new members, you are only invited to join our Arbiter group once your dues are paid. Once you have contacted our Treasurer Paula Miller and dues & game fees are paid, then you will receive an invitation from SCSOASD to join the Arbiter Group and gain access and be assigned CIF high school games. To contact Paula Miller see above section on methods of paying Association game fees & dues.

Remember, if for any reason you cannot make an assignment you must PHONE an assignor on game day if less than 24hrs prior to game. Email notification is unacceptable within 24 hours of game time. You also should call your partners on the game so that they are aware of the issue. Finally, if you are going to be late to your assignment you also need to call your partners to let them know. Remember, at sites where there are multiple games at the same time a varsity referee can fill an opening on the varsity game at 10 minutes before game time by taking a referee from the JV or freshman game. If that leaves an opening in the JV game that opening can be filled from the freshman game. If you have been replaced because you were late you are obligated to fill in at the lower level game. If you leave you will be declared a "no show".

Although, it rarely happens, if you arrive after kickoff the school only has to pay you one half of the game fee. If you arrive after the end of the first half the authorized game fee is $0. So keep your assignments and arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled game time.

Referee "No Show" Fees There is a $50 no show fee that will be charged to your account for the first time you do not show to an assignment without contacting an assignor and for a second offense the fine is $75. The third time "No Show" you will be expelled from the association. A “No-Show” offense includes you getting a replacement for your game without notifying any assignor.

Game Assignors

Game assignors are the first people to contact on game day with questions or regarding turn backs and scheduling matters. As an absolute emergency and last resort contact the SCSOASD President Chip Zuckerman

Note these assignors phone numbers & email addresses:

Name Phone # Email Day-On-Call
Matt Bryant 760–521–9210 TUESDAY
Nate Max 619–994–0645 WEDNESDAY
Arnold Baldeaux 619–957–8350 THURSDAY (Welcome back!)
Vartan Madassian 619–990–9807 FRIDAY

Game Fees

Below is our fee schedule for the new 2024 season. Note that each game you are assigned also has a GAME FEE which goes to the assignor of $4 per game to cover the assigner's fee. Fees are generally paid by check sent to your address based on pay voucher forms provided by the home school before game time, filled out by you and submitted to the home coach at the game. Some schools are now using REFPAY which is linked through Arbiter. Varsity Games are normally 80 minutes or 40 minute halves. Tournament fees may be paid on the field or by check. Note a new late fee of $10 is also added for those schools who don't pay within 30 days of game. Also see Payment Procedures.

Game     Dual Crew     3 Man Crew
Varsity     $85     $90 + $75 + $75
Non-Varsity     $75

Officials who work a Solo Non Varsity will be $95 or $112.50 depending on circumstances(if two officials are normally assigned).

Travel Costs

NEW UPDATE: New travel fees for 2022-23 season.A flat travel fee will be used to compensate officials for round-trip travel based on following scale. NOTE: The travel cost fees are for each referee. NOT for example: $13 divided between number of referees as in past years.

51-75 miles - $13
76-125 miles - $19
126-175 miles - $31
176-250 miles - $43
251-350 miles - $55

Your point of origin must be your ZIP code for your Home address, Work address or where you enter the section if living out of the section that is closest to where you will work games.

Payment Procedures

All NON-Tournament games

Complete a payment slip from the home school. The event is either Boys Soccer or Girls Soccer, Varsity or Non Varsity.

Tournament games

Payment procedures and fees depend on the tournament, which should be outlined in the procedures provided by the Tournament Assignor. There are three possible procedures.

  1. Cash on the field. No payment slips required.
  2. School will pay you directly. Complete payment slip provide by the tournament. Show the event as "Tournament".
  3. Payment by SCSOASD usually in middle/late January after payment is received by the Association from the tournament. No payment slips required.

Cancelled Games

If you show up for a game that has been cancelled for which you were not notified you are entitled to be paid for the game; if you were scheduled for more than one game you are still only entitled to be paid for one of the games, whichever is the higher level game.

  1. For games requiring a payment slip you should go to the school's athletic office and request a payment slip to complete. Then EMAIL your assignor so you are NOT removed from the game, which signifies you are to be paid.
  2. For games paid by SCSOASD just EMAIL your assignor so you are NOT removed from the game, which signifies you are to be paid.

Personal Conflicts with Schools

If you have a conflict of interest with a school, please go to the "Blocks" Section of Arbiter, Select the section called "Teams Block", Click the small box on right hand side which says "Show All" and then find the team or school you are looking for. You may block multiple schools or teams but there is a limit. There is no excuse to be officiating at a school you graduated from recently, know players or have family members who attend the school or just graduated from the school recently. This is public knowledge and people talk about it. If you need help getting more blocks for schools, please contact the President of SCSOASD via email or calling and they will help. Our current President is Chip Zuckerman who can be reached at or his phone number is in the contacts section of this website.

Turned Back Games

A reminder concerning Turn Back Procedures: If you must turn your game back within 24-48 hours of the scheduled kickoff time, you must talk to an assignor on the phone to be removed. Your first phone call should be to the individual responsible for assigning the match. To find this information, all you have to do is click on the home team in Arbiter. If you are unable to get in touch with the home team's assignor, you must then call the "ON-CALL ASSIGNOR." Between Tuesday and Friday, one of the assignors will be the dedicated on-call assignor, and their responsibility will be to deal with game-day issues. Remember that when asking to be removed from a game, leaving a message is not sufficient, sending an email is not sufficient, you must get a confirmation from an assignor that you are off the game. This is especially important less than 24-48 hours before the game

  1. Your assignors are who you should contact to turn back games. Contact the SCSOASD President only if you can't reach your assignors.
  2. Turning back games within twenty-four (24) hours of game time REQUIRES a PHONE CALL and TALKING to an assignor. Text and email messages are not acceptable--within 24 hours of game time.
  3. Greater that 24 hours, you may email, text or phone an assignor to turnback games.
  4. ALWAYS follow-up to make sure you have been removed.


Each tournament has it's own rules and fees. Check before each game the rules and what fee to charge if any as some provide funding straight to the association who in turn pays the referees directly. Below is a general table of the fees per game per referee according to the length/times of the games. (Note some games are dual system while others are single or 3 man system.)

Tournament Fees

Varsity Times              80minutes       70minutes       60minutes
Dual (per ref) $76 $68 $62
3 Person Crew
Referee $83 $76 $70
Assist Refs (2) $69 $63 $57

Non-Varsity Times      80minutes      70minutes      60minutes
Single Referee $102 $93 $86
Dual Refs $68 $63 $58
3 Person Crew
Referee $76 $70 $65
Assist Refs (2) $64 $59 $54

A current SCSOASD tournament fees matrix for 2024 season is available for your use below.
NEW UPDATE:Tournament FEES Click here

Tournament Fees & Rules List

A list of all current and past tournament fees & rules is attached below for your use.

Click here

Middle School and Jr. High Fees and Rules of Competition

Click Here


The assessment policy has been changed. There will no longer be blind assessments. An email request with "SCSOASD-ASSESSMENT" in the subject line must be sent to Leanne Harris and should copy Chip Zuckermen at . Assessments will cost $40 for a dual and $50 for a Center Assessment. This fee will come out of your game fee assignment deposit with the Association. Make sure you have enough on deposit with Paula if you intend on requesing an assessment. Your Assessor will not collect any money from you at the game. The assessor will be listed in Arbiter for the game being assessed. Assessors will be paid $80 for assessments with association paying the balance not being paid by referees. Evaluation for new referees and referees that are not currently ranked will continue to be done at no charge. These evaluations may be blind. The evaluations of unranked referees will be completed before we move on to assessing existing ranked referees. Each referee is ranked according to their observed ability. Your rank is available by calling one of the assignors. An assessment is the best way to improve your game ranking, and thus the quality of your game assignments. It is also a major factor in playoff game assignments. Any & all NEW referees to the association are given a rank grade 4 to begin, no matter what their level of officiating. Any & all NEW referees will also automatically be evaluated within the first few months of their first season. There is no cost or fee for this evaluation.

Our current assessors are:

  • Pete Aufsesser

  • Matt Bryant

  • Flavio Corona

  • Leanne Harris

  • Hugo Rios

  • Dennis Wickham

  • Chip Zuckerman

The results of your evaluation or assessment will be available at the end of the game. When one referee is evaluated or assessed, the partner is also evaluated and assessed whether the partner has requested one or not. So please cooperate with the assessors. They are here to improve your game.

Please submit your request for assessments as soon as possible. Assessments are not available on short notice. In some cases, we will make a game assignment specifically for the assessment or to match partners requesting an assessment. NOTE: A tournament or league game requiring only 1 referee is the ideal situation to be assessed.

Remember: Always referee as if you are being assessed or evaluated. You may not be notified that you or your partner is being assessed or evaluated.

Ranking System:

  • Grade 1 or 100 - Can officiate ALL Varsity games

  • Grade 2 or 200 - Can officiate MOST Varsity games
  • Grade 3 or 300 - Can officiate Most Varsity games while also with either a Grade 1 or 2 referee
  • Grade 4 or 400 - New referee who is unassessed
  • Grade 5 or 500 - Can ONLY offciate NON-Varsity games (ie fitness, injury, etc...)

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