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General Information

SCSOASD recruits experienced referees from all over San Diego County to referee high school and some junior high/middle school soccer games in the county. The standard is a dual officiating system for regular season games with the traditional diagonal system for some regular season and all playoff games. Occasionally in the regular season and at tournaments there is one official at frosh and JV games.

Pre-season organizing meetings are held starting in October. If you want to receive notices of the meetings email Chip Zuckerman at These meetings are held at a central location in San Diego County where we review the differences between USSF and CIF, the changes to the rules for the upcoming season, the dual refereeing system, and discuss other pre-season business. All prospective referees are required to pass an on-line 50-question rules test. More information on the classes and significant dates are on the Calendar page.

The Southern California Soccer Officials Association web site has information on the SCSOA board, governing documents, and related matters.

CIF information is at CIF website Here you will find information for various sports, officials, coaches and others. Some information specific to soccer can be seen by clicking sports, winter+, boys soccer or girls soccer. Their constitution and bylaws (Green Book) is available by clicking on Governance, Green Book.


High school soccer has a Rules Book. It is very similar to the LOTG. Differences are published each year in the high school Rules Book. These differences and those differences unique to our association are reviewed at the annual training sessions.You will receive a booklet at one of the 1st meetings of the year with all the rules and updates for the new season. If you do not get a rules booklet at the meeting contact the SCSOASD President via email. You may pick a rules booklet up at his office or you can ask him to send you a booklet via mail provided you supply him with a self addressed envelope and necessary postage paid.

The New NFHS App can be downloaded for free here NFHS App. Once downloaded and installed then you have the option to purchase the current NFHS Rules. To find rules just do a search under SOCCER RULES.

Game Day Procedures

Disqualification Reporting (Sendoffs, Red Cards) ( Red Card Reporting Form)

CIF Soccer requires all disqualifications and send offs to be reported. To report any red cards or send offs use the CIF report system. Go to CIF San Diego Section or click on this CIF Ejection Form link above. Use the following passwords to access the site and to fill out report online. Enter password consisting of these three numbers - 123. Below are some guidelines for filling out the form.

*** Guidelines for helping you complete the Disqualification/Ejection form. ***

  1. IMPORTANT: Remember all ejections/red cards must be reported within 12 hours of the game.
  2. Complete the appropriate data boxes and check the appropriate reason for misconduct boxes.
  3. Every report must have WHO did it, WHAT did they do, HOW did they do it, WHERE on field did it.
  4. Time of incident is GAME TIME not time at which happened during the game.
  5. Every report must have what rule they were disqualfied under (i.e. Rule 12 Sec 8 Art 2.a “exibiting violent conduct ”).
  6. Foul & Abusive Language: Taunting must have the words or gestures used written in report.
  7. If you issue two cautions, then you must describe both cautions with WHO, WHAT, HOW, and WHERE.
  8. Match the card with the language. USE the rule booklet's language. Excessive force is NOT a caution. It is Serious Foul Play.
  9. Give a brief description using RULES BOOK wording in the box at the bottom.
  10. Note: Make sure "Chip Zuckerman" shows in the liaison box.
  11. Print your copy. Save the PDF copy to your computer. Your are done!

Caution Reporting (CAUTION Reporting Form)

NEW SCSOASD now requires ALL CAUTIONS to be reported including those given to players, coaches, spectators, etc.... To report any CAUTION or yellow cards use the SCSOASD report link. Remember also to give SCSOASD president an email if the CAUTIONS are to coaches or parents, Chip Zuckerman at

REPORTING (Additional internal reports)

Remember if there are any of the following issues list also send a direct email to SCSOASD President - Chip Zuckerman at
  1. Injuries
  2. Misconduct by players (red cards)
  3. Yellow/Red cards to coaches
  4. Spectator misconduct or other site issues (ie improper goals with photos)
  5. Uniform violations (Varsity level only)

Pregame Presentation ( Printout )

In general, follow the directions as stated in this pregame printout below. It is always advised to have a pregame no matter how well you know your partner. It is also advised to have a post game discussion especially if there were incidents to report.

It is suggested you PRINT & KEEP A COPY of these directions when you go to your game.

Rainy Day Procedures ( Printout )

In general, follow the directions in the printout below when not sure if a game is to be played or not due to weather or other reasons.

It is suggested you PRINT & KEEP A COPY of these directions with you when you go to your games.

Injury or Sickness Days

In general, if you wake up sick and/or are injured, then email or text an assignor asking to be removed from your game(s). Let us take you off the game early in the morning when replacements are out there. Please don't leave it till last minute to call in to report an injury or sickness. We do not question any reason that causes you to turn-back a game, AS LONG as we have plenty of notice. Yes, we do realize there are emergencies. But those are different than an illness or injury--in most cases. Your health is our primary concern and we do not want you out on the field if you're ill or injured.

Missing Partner Procedures ( Printout )

In general, follow the instruction on the printout below when a partner hasn't shown up for his game.

It is suggested to PRINT & KEEP A COPY of these instructions when you go to your games.

Remember, if for any reason you cannot make an assignment you need to PHONE an assignor on game day. Email notification is unacceptable within 24 hours of game time. You also should call your partners on the game so that they are aware of the issue. Finally, if you are going to be late to your assignment you also need to call your partners to let them know. Remember, at sites where there are multiple games at the same time a varsity referee can fill an opening on the varsity game at 10 minutes before game time by taking a referee from the JV or freshman game. If that leaves an opening in the JV game that opening can be filled from the freshman game. If you have been replaced because you were late you are obligated to fill in at the lower level game. If you leave you will be declared a "no show".

Although, it rarely happens, if you arrive after kickoff the school only has to pay you one half of the game fee. If you arrive after the end of the first half the authorized game fee is $0. So keep your assignments and arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled game time.

Referee "No Show" Fee - There is a $20 no show fee that will be charged to your account if you do not show to an assignment without contacting an assignor. Note these assignor phone numbers. Contact them first with any game day situations and only as a last resort call the SCSOASD President.

NFHS PK Rules ( Printout )

There are different rules in high school soccer compared to USSF games and high school has its own Rules Book. It is very similar to the USSF LOTG. Differences are published each year in the high school Rules Book. These differences and those differences unique to our high school association are reviewed at the annual training sessions. Below is a matrix diagram of the current rule differences for penalty kicks.

It is suggested to PRINT & KEEP A COPY of these instructions when you go to your games.

Playoff Duties and Procedures:

  1. CIF Boys Playoffs This site shows divisions with dates, times and schedules of the Boys playoff games.
  2. CIF Girls Playoffs This site shows divisions with dates, times and schedules of the Girls playoff games.
  3. Overtime & KFTM - Tie Breaker Procedures ( Printout ) The rules for tie breakers during playoff games is linked for use.
  4. 4th Official Duties & Procedures ( Printout ) The general responsibilities for 4th officials during playoff games link is linked above.
  5. Playoffs - 4th Official Game Report ( Printout ) Helpful form to keep stats of game.

It is suggested you PRINT & KEEP A COPY of these directions with you when you go to your games.

Goal Setup & Safety

Acceptable and Unacceptable Goal Setup - this section shows photos of acceptable and unacceptable goal setup. Always inspect the goals before a game. Just as important - goals MUST be secured so they won't fall over. Remember - player safety is paramount. If any of these items below are not right or if you have a question report it to your assignor and/or the SCSOASD President.

  1. Goals MUST be checked prior to game.
  2. Goals MUST be secured using sand bags, weights or chains, etc....
  3. If football crossbar & uprights extend into the soccer field any ball that hits them is deemed to have crossed the goal line. The restart will either be a corner kick or a goal kick.
  4. Back of soccer goal post must be even with back of soccer goal line.
  5. Football support post must be at least 2 yards behind soccer goal line.
  6. Football support post should be padded if inside soccer goal.
  7. All setup errors are to be reported.

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